DIY Bow Scrunchies Simple and Easy Project

Are you looking to improve your style? Do you love scrunchies, but when to make them even better with a bow? Are you sick of spending a lot of money on just a few scrunchies? Well, you can make them yourself at home and you can even add a bow to them! Bow scrunchies are all the rage right now and they can help you meet that cute aesthetic you are hoping for. Whether you just like to wear them on your wrist or you want to have a ponytail held up by this cute accessory, this video can show you how to make your own bow scrunchies.

You can choose whatever color fabric you want for your bow scrunchie. If you can’t find a particular color that you want to match an outfit in your closet, there’s no need to worry! You can go to your local fabric store and choose from an array of colors and make your own scrunchies.

Video Source

Watch how to make a bow scrunchie step by step in this video and see how easy it can be after doing it after just one time! You can make as many as you want!


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