Have You Donated to a Local Charity Yet This Holiday Season?

This is going to be the most difficult of weekends. After waking up at 4:25am you realized it was about the same time your mom passed away a year ago today. Grateful to have had her with you as long as you did, you know that this weekend will be a difficult one. It will soon be one year since the visitation; one year since the burial; one year since the first holiday without her. Losing a loved one so close to the holidays is never easy, and the one year anniversary of this loss is not any easier.

As you were putting away last year’s decorations and forcing yourself to go through your mother’s closets, dressers, and drawers you came up with one idea that made the process a bit easier. You made eight pillows from your mom’s Christmas sweaters, one for each grandchild. You also decorated three small craft trees with her costume jewelry and gave one to each of your brothers and kept the last one for yourself. Creating those tangible memory pieces allowed you to continue with the process of packing up and donating the other items that your mom would no longer use. Always a shopper, you found clothing items that had never been worn, some with tags still attached.

When the scheduled charity pick up arrived, it was difficult but you were ready. Charity clothing pickups make donating easy and convenient, even when the loss is great.

Donating Clothing to Charity Is Extra Gratifying During the Holidays
Even if you are dealing with painful memories of loss this Christmas, it is possible to do something to ease the pain. From making sure that you are helping those who are less fortunate to giving the gift of warmth through a newly purchased coat, there are many ways that you can make a difference during the next few weeks. You only have to read the stories about the families in California who are returning home to houses that have been completely consumed by fire to realize that there are many Americans who could benefit from the generosity of others.
Fortunately charity clothing pickup services provided by the Red Cross and other national organizations help connect those who have much to those who have little. Charitable donations are a way for Americans to help their fellow neighbors, as well as strangers, even when situations across the country can seem so desperate. Whether you use a convenient charity clothing pickup or you drive your boxes and tubs to a donation center, this is the perfect time of the year to give to others.

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