How You Can Make a Difference For Military Members and their Families

The men and women of our armed forces give themselves selflessly in defense of our country, but many members and their families need our help as well. Helping military families is something we should all try and take part in, and a simple way to do so is by providing a charitable clothing donation.

When it comes to military support, we as civilians can do a great deal of good. Whether a service member is deployed or back at home, there are thousands that need assistance for both them and their families. Support for military families is something that many people don’t think about, or realize is such a crucial issue. Whether we donate clothing, food, or even our time, we can help make a world of difference in a family’s life.

Approximately 12 million tons of clothing and other textile waste is discarded in the U.S. each year, according to independent research. Many people don’t understand the impact they could make by donating their clothing and other household items, as opposed to throwing it away. There is a bit of truth in the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, as many things we idly toss aside could be put to good use by someone else. Think for a moment about how much clothing you own, and what how many items you actually wear. If you’re anything like me, the answer is a way to many. If you’re in need of a through closet clean out, consider making a charitable donation as opposed to trashing what you don’t want. It is estimated that the average person in America discards 82 pounds of clothing and textile waste each year alone. I urge you to help break that cycle and instead donate what you no longer need to military support efforts.

Also, if you have children, and have been holding on to any clothing that they’ve long since outgrown, I urge you to consider donating those as well. For military members and their families, clothing like that can be invaluable. This can also be said for any toys that your kids may no longer play with as well. Think of how happy those items can go on to make another child. It’s little things like that, which can go on to make someone’s day.

In this world it seems like bad news takes precedence over the good way too often; and sometimes it may feel like individual actions don’t have an impact. However, even if our actions only impact one person for the better, that is significant. If one family can not have to worry about access to adequate clothing, or food, or home necessities, that is significant. If one child gets a new outfit for school, or a new toy that makes them smile, that is significant. We can make a difference with our charitable donations, and we have a human responsibility to assist those who are less fortunate than ourselves.
I urge you again to consider donating any clothing or household items that you no longer have a need of. You can give needed military support to service members and their families.

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