Why Charitable Donations Matter Here In The United States

Here in the United States, rates of charitable giving are quite high indeed. For many people, giving charitably is simply a part of regular life. And more than 95% of all people will give to a charity at least once throughout a single year, if not even more frequently than that. From providing military support to feeding the hungry to saving our planet, there are many places at which you can make some sort of charitable effort – and many ways in which to do so.

After all, not all of us will be able to afford making charitable donations in a monetary form. There are so many people just struggling to get by these days, even if these people are not in need of any charitable services themselves. However, it is likely that such populations of people will also not be able to contribute all that much to charity in terms of giving money away, as they likely need that money just to pay the costs of daily living. Fortunately, there are other ways to show military support and the like (depending on what charity you have chosen to donate to).

Take, for example, charitable clothing donations. Taking steps to donate clothes can be beneficial for a whole array of reasons. For one thing, there are many places where you can give used clothing. Veterans donations can provide military support for those who are so inclined to do so. In addition to this, organizations that provide support for military families are also often accepting of clothing donations – and can be a great way to show your military support for those who have served our country. But though showing military support is a huge reason for donating to charity for many, showing military support or support for other charitable causes aside from military support services is valid as well.

Such can be the case for donating to the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is likely to always be looking for donated clothes, as they are open every single day of the week – including holidays – as well as every single day of the year and every single hour of the day. Therefore, they are likely to end up servicing quite high volumes of people indeed – and providing a great array of services, at that. From blankets to clothing to food to even blood (and not to mention shelter, of course), the American Red Cross really does it all – and is likely to be hugely accepting of and thankful for any donations that come their way.

Charitable clothing donations are also, as you might expect, a great way to reduce waste in a consumerist world. After all, the average woman now owns as many as 30 separate outfits – up from nine average outfits only just a mere century ago. With so much clothing consumed over the course of the year, many people will be looking to discard with a good portion of it on a yearly basis as well. Even the data shows that the average adult here in the United States will simply throw away up to ten pounds of clothing over the course of a mere 12 months, a single year – and much of this clothing is still very much in a usable condition.

When clothing is thrown away, it is sent to a landfill, where garbage of all sorts has been piling up for far too long. Fortunately, however, more and more people are donating their used clothing, either for reasons of military support or to protect the environment, more so than ever before, with as much as 15% of all clothing donated instead of simply thrown away. And the average person in the United States is now actually buying up to ten pounds of used clothing in a single year, something that shows a marked increase from years past. For many people here in the United States, donating used clothing is a relatively easy step to take – but it is certainly one that can end up being quite hugely beneficial at the end of the day.

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