How Much to Spend on Custom Jewelry Projects

Custom jewelry products are in high demand. Several collectors and fashionistas are looking for a custom jeweler to make a piece just for them. Oftentimes, customers want their names, their favorite movie character, or a logo in a custom diamond piece.

Video Source

This video shares the average prices for custom diamond jewelry in a small custom shop in the heart of New York City.

Without a doubt, custom diamond jewelry pieces can range from $4,500 to $20,000. Your price heavily depends on your colors, your shape, and how many tiny details you want in your project. As you can see, almost anything is possible when you look for a custom piece. Diamonds can be put into almost any shape, including animals and baseball logos. The time and precision that each jeweler pours into each piece is reflected in the price, as well as the cost of the gorgeous diamonds themselves. If you aren’t 100% sure about your idea for a custom diamond project, several jewelers are willing to have consultations and let you see a mock-up of your future piece. Be as creative as you would like if you are willing to pay the cost of labor.


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