What to Put on Your Custom Embroidered Flag

Custom flag design

It kind of hit last summer. You were driving with your family to a fourth of July BBQ, when you see beautiful polyester American flags every where. As a small business owner, you thought it would be nice to hang custom embroidered flags outside your company. Customized flags can be the perfect way to greet customers and potential clients into your business.

Custom flags are popular for promotions, advertising and gifts. The right flag store can create almost any image as an applique, but some designs may work better than others. A custom flag design is perfect for any school or business, and can be the perfect backdrop for videos or photos. Flags can be a wonderful keepsake after special events including anniversaries, weddings and graduations.

Embroidery uses small stitches of colored thread to create a design. Similar to applique, custom embroidered flags are highly labor intensive and are intended for indoor displays. Simple bold designs are always best on any flag but embroidery can create most complex designs. Keep designs as simple and clean as possible because very small details can be muddled. Custom embroidered flags come in a variety of sizes including 14×20, 20×30 and 4×6.

Custom applique flags are usually designs that are appliqued on a nylon flag material and make for memorable personalized flags. Since custom flags are appliqued on a nylon flag they are durable and can be used as a beautiful flag decoration hanging inside or outside the home. Instead of displaying a printed image, applique flags are created by sewing small pieces of a colored flag on top of one another to create the desired image. Simple bold designs are best when creating an applique flag because applique flags are created by hand.

Custom embroidered flags
can be the perfect way to show off pride in your business or to commemorate a special event. Their versatile design allows you to display an array of images. Check out custom embroidered flag and let people know you take your pride in your business.

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