5 Eco-Friendly Fibers Eco Sustainable Clothing is Made Out of

You may be interested in living a more eco-friendly life and you can do this by wearing eco sustainable clothing. In this video, we will learn about 5 different eco-friendly fibers that eco sustainable clothing is made out of. This can help you see what great clothing is out there that can help you feel like you’re making a difference on this planet.

One of the first one is a fiber that many of us wear on a daily basis, but the more eco-friendly version of it is organic. This is organic cotton. Organic cotton means that there were no pesticides or chemicals used when making this fiber.

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Unfortunately, there are a few bad things about organic cotton that may not make it the best eco-friendly fiber; it uses a lot of water and it is not that good for the soil it is planted in.

Bamboo is also a very eco-friendly fiber that is used to make clothing. This material doesn’t require pesticides and grows more than anything else. There are certain chemicals that are used to make bamboo grow though.

To learn even more about which fibers are best for eco sustainable clothing, watch this video!


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